300x300mm Co-extrusion Outdoor Deck Tile interlocking WPC Decking Tiles

Brand:Guofeng Exquisite/ OEM / ODM
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There is a material that combines the advantages of both wood and plastic, with sturdy products that have a wood look, but with durability unmatched by wood products and more in line with green requirements. This is a mixture of recycled plastic and wood powder, and add some conventional chemical additives, by hot extrusion molding, called wood-plastic composite materials.

Wood-plastic products play a vital role in the national policy of promoting the reuse of resources, is a recyclable product, in the global garden landscape in the application of the extremely common.

Wood-plastic materials and products have similar appearances to wood, but they are made of harder plastic than logs, are more rigid, absorb less water, resist strong acids and alkalis, are waterproof, moisture resistant, aging and corrosion resistant, non-toxic, non-polluting, difficult for bacteria to grow, hard for moths to eat, difficult to fade, and don't require painting. These goods and materials are a good substitute for wood items.

The usage of wood and plastic in the construction materials business is positively trending as a result of global success in establishing a sound, low-carbon, environmentally friendly economic system based on long-term planning.

u=2465810004,2038333879&fm=253&fmt=auto&app=138&f=JPEG_副本What is our delivery time?

15-20 days after getting deposit.

u=2465810004,2038333879&fm=253&fmt=auto&app=138&f=JPEG_副本How do we pack the goods?  

We will use a wooden pallet to pack and move the board into the container if it is shorter than five meters.

Your board will be wrapped in plastic wrap in two or three portions if it is longer than five meters. Then, one bundle at a time, will need to be physically inserted into the container.

u=2465810004,2038333879&fm=253&fmt=auto&app=138&f=JPEG_副本Where is our port?

The nearest port is Wuhu, the optional ports are Nanjing, Shanghai, Qingdao and Ningbo. It is great appreciate to choose Wuhu for reducing carbon emissions and costs.

u=2465810004,2038333879&fm=253&fmt=auto&app=138&f=JPEG_副本How do we deliver the LCL goods? (LCL= less than container load)

After scheduling a ship, we transfer the materials to the Shanghai warehouse since, in order to be sent safely, the boards must be shorter than 4 meters. LCL items, however, cost significantly more than FCL.

Please download our installation guide and install as the advice. 


DIY decking tile


It feels quite woodsy, behaves like logs when processed, and has a similar feel. You may cut, drill, plane, and glue it.

u=2465810004,2038333879&fm=253&fmt=auto&app=138&f=JPEG_副本Easy to install, low installation cost, no need for regular maintenance.

u=2465810004,2038333879&fm=253&fmt=auto&app=138&f=JPEG_副本Highly anti-collision, resistant to wear, deformation, and breaking, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, insect-proof, and termite-proof.

u=2465810004,2038333879&fm=253&fmt=auto&app=138&f=JPEG_副本It has strong weather resistance and can be used safely at -40 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius.

u=2465810004,2038333879&fm=253&fmt=auto&app=138&f=JPEG_副本No need to color, the color can be customized according to preferences, anti-ultraviolet stability, strong color stability.

u=2465810004,2038333879&fm=253&fmt=auto&app=138&f=JPEG_副本The product has a long service life and can be reused many times. 

u=2465810004,2038333879&fm=253&fmt=auto&app=138&f=JPEG_副本Even though it lasts five times longer than wood, its consumption costs are only half to one-third of what wood costs. It offers significant cost-performance benefits.


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