30x51mm Wood Composite Panel Waterproof Garden WPC Fence

Brand:Guofeng Natural/ OEM / ODM
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Hollow fence panels are made from a combination of 55% recycled hardwood fibers and 45% premium recycled polyethylene, adhesives, additives and tints. Easy to maintain and clean.

Board width 51 mm, thickness 30 mm

Boards are available in lengths of 2 m / 2.2 m / 2.9 m / 3.66 m / 4 m / 5 m

Installation accessories are Clamps, screws, joists, trims, joist screws.

Suitable for garden, swimming pool, wall, garden, swimming pool, wall decoration, shopping mall, hotel, restaurant, etc.

For fireproof version, please contact before ordering.

Deck boards are reversible, we recommend you use the narrow grooved side for your project. The boards are versatile and can be cut to size and sanded if necessary.

All of our products are FSC certified.

What is our delivery time?

15-20 days after getting deposit.

How do we pack the goods?  

If the board length is not more than 5m, we will use wood pallet to pack and load into container.

If your board length is longer than 5m, 2-3 pcs of boards are packed to be one bundle by plastic film, then use handwork to load into container one bundle by one bundle.

Where is our port?

The nearest port is Wuhu, the optional ports are Nanjing, Shanghai, Qingdao and Ningbo. It is great appreciate to choose Wuhu for reducing carbon emissions and costs.

How do we deliver the LCL goods? (LCL= less than container load)

For safe delivery the boards must be less than 4m, we send the goods to Shanghai warehouse after booking ship. But LCL goods cost is much higher than FCL.

Please download our installation guide and install as the advice. 



  • It feels and looks like wood, and it works just as well. It also has an individual wood flavor. It is possible to nip, drill, plane, and glue it.

  • Simple to install, quick to install, and not requiring periodic maintenance.

  • Strong anti-collision, resistant to corrosion, moisture, insects, and termites; hard to wear, bend, or break.

  • It may be used safely in conditions ranging from -40 to 60 degrees Celsius and possesses great weather resistance.

  • There is no need to color; the color can be adjusted to suit individual preferences and has strong color stability against ultraviolet light.

  • The product is recyclable and has a substantial service life.

  • Although the average lifespan is five times longer than that of wood, the cost of use is just half to one-third that of wood. It offers a significant cost-performance benefit.


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