20x140mm Wood Composite Panel Waterproof Garden WPC Fence

Brand:Guofeng Natural/ OEM / ODM
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The Hollow Fence Panel is composed of 45% premium recycled polyethene, bonding agent, additives, and tint, and 55% recycled hardwood fibers. simple to clean and maintain.

Board Width: 140mm

Board Thickness: 20mm

Board Length: 2m / 2.2m / 2.9m / 3.66m / 4m / 5m

Quantity per m²: 20m 

Screw installation is the type used.
Installation accessories: trim, joist, screw, clip, and joist.
Uses: Wall, Fence, Swimming Pool, Garden
Retail center, lodging, eatery, etc.

Please get in touch before placing an order if you need fire-proof.
Since the decking board is reversible, we advise using the side with the small groove for your project. The boards are adaptable; they can be sanded and cut to size as needed.

Every product offered by the company is FSC certified. Please specify in your order whether FSC-certified products are necessary.

u=2465810004,2038333879&fm=253&fmt=auto&app=138&f=JPEG_副本What is our delivery time?

15-20 days after getting deposit.

u=2465810004,2038333879&fm=253&fmt=auto&app=138&f=JPEG_副本How do we pack the goods?  

If the board is less than five meters long, we will pack and carry it into the container using a wooden pallet.

If your board is longer than five meters, it will be packaged in two to three sections with plastic wrap. Each bundle will then have to be manually placed into the container, one at a time.

u=2465810004,2038333879&fm=253&fmt=auto&app=138&f=JPEG_副本Where is our port?

The nearest port is Wuhu, the optional ports are Nanjing, Shanghai, Qingdao and Ningbo. It is great appreciate to choose Wuhu for reducing carbon emissions and costs.

u=2465810004,2038333879&fm=253&fmt=auto&app=138&f=JPEG_副本How do we deliver the LCL goods? (LCL= less than container load)

We send the materials to the Shanghai warehouse after arranging for a ship, as the boards need to be shorter than 4 meters for safe shipping. However, LCL commodities are far more expensive than FCL.

Please download our installation guide and install as the advice. 



u=2465810004,2038333879&fm=253&fmt=auto&app=138&f=JPEG_副本It has a pronounced woody feel, resembles logs, and performs similarly when processed. It's feasible to snip, drill, plane, and glue it.

u=2465810004,2038333879&fm=253&fmt=auto&app=138&f=JPEG_副本Simple to install, inexpensive to install, and not requiring ongoing care.

u=2465810004,2038333879&fm=253&fmt=auto&app=138&f=JPEG_副本Moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, insect-proof, and anti-termite, with high anti-collision properties and resistance to wear, deformation, and breaking.

u=2465810004,2038333879&fm=253&fmt=auto&app=138&f=JPEG_副本It has strong weather resistance and can be used safely at -40 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius.

u=2465810004,2038333879&fm=253&fmt=auto&app=138&f=JPEG_副本No need to color, the color can be customized according to preferences, anti-ultraviolet stability, strong color stability.

u=2465810004,2038333879&fm=253&fmt=auto&app=138&f=JPEG_副本The product is reusable and has a lengthy service life. 


Despite having a five-times longer lifespan than wood, the cost of usage is just half to one-third that of wood. It provides major cost-performance advantages.


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